AC Vent Filter Air Vent Filters

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Permanently charged electrostatic material traps smoke, dust, pet dander, molds, pollens.
Electrostatic 4in x 12in - 12 Pack and Carbon 10in x 12in - 6 Pack
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Filter For Air Vent Filter Trim To Size

  • AC vent filters
  • Air vent filters
  • Air vent filter for AC vent filter
  • Dust control air vent filters
  • Fresh vent air exchanger filter replacement
  • Dust control air vent filters
  • Nordic Pure air vent filters
  • Bathroom air vent filters
  • AC vent filter
  • Air vent allergy filters
  • Air vent filter installation is super easy. Remove grill, trim filter to size, place in grille, screw grille back on.
  • Package of 12 register Air Vent Filters
  • Electrostatic register Vent Filtration
  • Allergy air vent filter
  • Allergen air vent filter
  • Has a permanent electrostatic charge to help trap dirt, dust, smoke & pollen sized particles through furnace and AC registers, vents
  • Keeps dirt, objects from falling into ducts
  • Air vent filter sizes - 4 in X 12 in and under
  • Filter for vent register
  • Compatible with air vent grille filters found at Home Depot and Lowe's plus installation is easy
  • Made in the USA
  • Ships from Celina, Texas