Aprilaire 401 Filter Merv 11 Pleated 2 Pack

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Protect your family's respiratory health. Capture contaminants such as bacteria, cough and sneeze debris, debris, dust, dust mites, pollen, lint, pet dander, mold spores
Available in 1 single pack and in bulk pack multiples of 2.
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  • Aprilaire 401 filter
  • Aprilaire 401 replacement filter alternative equivalent
  • Aprilaire 401 replacement filter Canada, we ship international orders
  • Aprilaire 401 filter for 2400 air cleaner compatible
  • Spacegard oem media equivalent
  • Aprilaire 2400 filter Home Depot compatible
  • Aprilaire 2400 filter Lowes compatible
  • Aprilaire 2400 filter Walmart compatible
  • Space Gard 2400 air filter compatible
  • Space Gard 2400 filter size is 20 in X 24- 7/8 in x 6 in
  • SpaceGard filter size is 20 in X 24- 7/8 in x 6 in
  • Aprilaire 2400 filter size is 20 in X 24- 7/8 in x 6 in
  • Aprilaire 401 filter size is 20 in X 24- 7/8 in x 6 in
  • Merv 11 efficiency rating 
  • Protect family's respiratory health. Captures bacteria, cough and sneeze debris, mites, pollen, mold spores
  • Depending on the use and air quality environment, change at least every 3 months
  • 401 replacement filter is compatible with air cleaner filters found at Home Depot,  Lowe's and Walmart
  • Easy to install.
  • Does not fit new 2009 upgrade kit
  • Ships from Ashville, Ohio
  • Fast Free Shipping via Fedex
  • Made of pleated Polypropylene 
  • Genuine Aprilaire replacement equivalent

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