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100 mg Delta 8 Gummies

  • 2 delta 8 thc gummies, each one is individually wrapped.  Each gummy is packaged in a resealable package. 
  • With Kingdom Harvest Delta-8 Gummies, you know you’re getting a quality product. Rather than spraying, each gummy is infused so all batches are identical and have the same texture, flavor, Brix level, consistency, and cannabinoids.
  • Each Kingdom Harvest gummy contains a whopping 100mg of Delta 8!.  Do not drive or operate machinery after consuming any of our Delta 8 products.  You should probably clear your schedule the first time you consume one of these gummies, they are very strong. 
  • Kingdom Harvest THC gummies extra strength with 100mg concentration. 
  • Kingdom Harvest Delta 8 gummies vegan.
  • Delta 8 100 mg gummies are vegan.
  • Kingdom Harvest Delta 8 gummies sold near me, shipped via USPS ground retail.  3 to 4 days arrival after shipment within the contiguous 48 USA states. 
  • Available in in multiples of 2 pack.  Each gummy is packaged in a resealable package.  
  • Kingdom Harvest Delta 8 gummies organic, organically grown.
  • Kingdom Harvest Delta 8 100 mg gummies are naturally processed.
  • Kingdom Harvest Delta 8 gummy dimensions are 1 in x 1 in x 1/2 in.   Each delta 8 gummy weighs less than 1 oz. 
  • Kingdom Harvest Delta 8 gummaies are USA farmed in North Carolina.
  • Kingdom Harvest Delta 8 gummier are Independent lab tested. 
  • Kingdom Harvest Delta 8 gummies ingredients, Tapioca Syrup, Water, Sugar, Organic Agar, Organic Locust Bean Gum, Delta 8 Extract, Organic Coconut Oil, Citric Acid, Colored with Fruit and Vegetable Extracts (Carrot, Blackcurrant), Sodium Citrate, Natural Flavor.
  • Kingdom Harvest Delta 8 gummies buy with free shipping within contiguous USA 48 states.
  • It is recommended to slice into 4.  Then slice one of the 4 into half and start with this dose. The effect varies person to person.  
  • The delta 8 thc gummy takes affect about 2 hours after eating it.  The effect lasts about 3 to 3-1/2 hours depending on the person.
  • First time users of Kingdom Harvest Delta 8 gummies report no bad aftertaste and pleasant experience.
  • Get a manageable high for a short time frame: just right as a go-to for a variety of conditions. Delta-8 is often used for managing pain, anti-nausea or to provide an overall sense of well-being.
2 packs of delta 8 gummies.