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Aprilaire 413 2400 Filter Replacement Pack Media Pleated Generic Merv 13 Box Use on Aprilaire 2400

Jan 30th 2019

Our Magnet Aprilaire 413 box air purifier filter is a compatible equivalent replacement for Aprilaire 2400 after installing the 1413 upgrade kit.  For your convenience, our Magnet  Aprilaire 413 box air purifier filter is preassembled so it slides right in.  Plus fast free shipping via Fedex.

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Question: This filter indicates compatibility with the Aprilaire 2400 furnace filter system. My old filters are 6" wide. This filter is 4" wide. Is this a problem?

Answer: To use the Magnet Aprilaire 413 box air purifier filterl, you must upgrade your air purifier Aprilaire 2400 with the 1413 media upgrade kit.